Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Last Weekend....

With Baby G threatening to make an appearance any second, this weekend is being spent doing lots of organising, with a little pampering thrown in. Here's my list of last minute tricks and treats to make life easier/prettier!

1) Get up to date on the boring stuff. 

My washing machine has not stopped for days, bathrooms are scrubbed, sheets changed, fridge stocked and Mr. G has been briefed on all things housework. Make sure you Sky+ all your favourite shows/Olympic events, as you'll be so grateful of trashy TV at 3am when the baby has finally fallen asleep on you and you can't bear to move! As an organisational freak, I've made lists for everything....

2) Hair

I am a resolute believer in being as unglamorous as possible during child birth. First time round I blow dried my hair in the early stages of labour and applied a full face of make up. 3 days later, my chin was covered in mascara, hair a greasy, knotty tangle, and I couldn't have given two hoots about how I looked. This time, I'm going for a touch of fake tan on my face (it is summer after all) and a fresh set of highlights on my tied back hair. So yesterday, I spent 3 hours having all my dark roots made blonde and glossy (well as glossy as they'll ever be), and liberally applied Chanel fake tan to my face. If the idea of wearing no makeup fills you with dread, I'd personally recommend eyelash extensions, which won't smudge and run.

3) Massage

I treated myself to a maternity massage at home, to try and relax and have some downtime before everything goes a bit crazy. Kate from InMotion Massage is amazing, and has managed to make me feel both calm and relaxed. I highly recommend it, as a last treat pre-baby!

4) Baby Supplies

Even though this is our second baby, I've still had to stock up on lots of bit and bobs that we either threw out after Fifi (in the days when we swore we were only going to have one baby) or need to replace. My list includes nappies (a couple of sizes, in case he's even bigger than predicted), wipes (super gentle ones, I like Nature Babycare), bottles and formula (in case of failure on the breastfeeding front), lots of clean sheets for the bassinet and blankets and non-bio washing powder (and plenty of it!).

5) A well stocked freezer

Courtesy of Cook! on the Fulham Road.

In Motion Massage, check website for details

Cook!, available online and instores nationwide. I use the one at 847 Fulham Road, but there are branches in Barnes and Chiswick.

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