Saturday, 28 July 2012

Burning Bright

Inspired by the Olympic Opening ceremony on Friday night, I have been thinking about candles, as you do (I'm not going to lie, David Beckham and Daniel Craig may have also popped into my head in the context of the ceremony.....). I love scented candles, and burn them all the time. They not only make your house smell delicious, but also give such soft, beautiful light that soothes, even the most stressed of souls.

Here are a few of my favorites...


An old favourite, I love almost every candle they make. In the winter I love Bais and Pomander, and their limited edition Christmas ones, which last year came in bejewelled colour and filled the house with spicy orange and frankincense. Roses is a perennial favourite, along with Jamin and Figuier. Mr. G really likes Feu de Bois, which smells of fire and woodsmoke, so much, that he bought the largest version I had ever seen....

True Grace 

The most beautiful candles, which, due to the pattern on the glass, give off stunning shadows as they burn. Light one in the evening, dim the lights and watch patterns dance off the walls. The scents are also fantastic, Moroccan Rose is a heady floral that whisks you away to balmy evenings in the Atlas Mountains, whilst Green Fig is a fresh, clean fig fragrance that doesn't become overly cloying. Sweet Cloves is my favourite for cold, winter nights, reminiscent of churches and wood panelled halls. 

Jo Loves 

Super expensive, but ridiculously delicious. I have only ever owned one of these beauties, but it is the best candle I have even lit. Frangipani, Wild Reseda and Tuberose combine to fill your home with summer time flowers, soft and sensual, perfect for a warm evening. A definite holiday fragrance.


The marvellous British bathing and fragrance company make simply stunning candles in beautiful glass wear. Lilac Rose and Geranium is my favourite, a deep floral which lingers in the air, but White Grapefruit and May Chang comes a close second, with its clean, crisp scent that leaves your home smelling fresh and bright. Perfect for those sluggish days when you just want to stay in bed!

Diptyque Candles, from £38. Available online and nationwide from John Lewis and Space NK (amongst other retailers)

True Grace Candles, from £21. Available online and nationwide from John Lewis (amongst other retailers)

Jo Loves Candles, from £75. Available online only at present.

Abahna Candles, from £10 for a travel size. Available online and from John Lewis (amongst other retailers)

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