Monday, 13 August 2012

D Day

Today is a day I've been dreading for two weeks. Firstly, Mr. G is going back to work, which is terrifying and sad, as I know he has really enjoyed spending so much time with Fifi and Arthur. But, also, today is the day my diet starts. First time round, I found it really hard to lose the baby weight I had gained, and only managed to shift the last seven pounds when I started going to the gym a lot. This time, I'm keen to shift it asap. As you can't exercise for the first six weeks after having a baby, something which makes perfect sense given how exhausted I am, yet I am struggling with as I feel a bit out of control, I'm trying to compensate with my diet.

So, I was thrilled to be put in touch with a company called the Pure Package, who deliver healthy, fresh, gourmet diet food to your door. They offer a selection of programmes, from Weight Loss to Pre and Post Baby, which are perfectly balanced to help you reach your aims. They are also a godsend if you have a hectic life, as everything is prepared and left on your doorstep. Snacks are packaged up and labelled, and meals are ready to eat or heat, with clear instructions.

Before you start your programme, you have a telephone consultation with a Pure Package advisor, who goes through all of your details, eating habits and an overview of your lifestyle, and sets you up on the right plan for you. I have started the Pre and Post Baby plan, and am finding it incredible. Today's menu includes Date Bircher Muesli, Feta and Basil Pate with Griddled Aubergine Open Sandwich, and Jerk Chicken, all of which look delicious. 

This is a great way to kickstart a healthy eating regime or diet, which is exceptionally convenient and easy. It is also tasty, which most healthy food is not, at least in my experience. If you are like me, and tend to grab the easy option (toast!) when you are short of time, then this is a great way to curb your habits. So far I have lost 5lb, in less than a week, so it does work!

Pure Package, visit the website for more details, or call 08456 123 888. Prices start from £29.95 per day with full programmes (three meals and two snacks) starting at £35.95 a day. Prices include delivery to all over London. This includes all postcodes falling within the M25 motorway plus a select few around it including: GU25, SL4, SL5 and KT16

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