Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Love Affair with Aveda

I've never been shy about my love for Aveda, the cosmetics company that combines nature and beauty to produce some of the most wonderfully effective products that I have found. Their hair products are incredible for my fragile, colour treated hair. However, I am less familiar with their skincare ranges, having only tried a few bits and pieces. 

That all changed recently, as I began trying their Green Science range. This is a four step system that promises younger looking skin in four weeks. I decided to give it a go as it is packed full of my favourite ingredient, argan oil, and am thrilled with the results. In particular, the firming eye cream delivers a intense shot of rich lotion, perfect for night time, that smoothes fine lines an helps to depuff the delicate skin around the eyes. The serum is also brilliant, I can really see a difference in my skin since using it. It gives a similar effect to a facial oil, but without any greasiness or heaviness. It also soothes any irritations I may have, so would be great for sensitive skin.

Aveda Green Science, from £22 for a cleanser, £34 for the eye cream. Available from Aveda counters nationwide and online.

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