Sunday, 7 October 2012

15 Minute Meals...

I've been working my way through Jamie Oliver's new book, 15 Minute Meals for the last week or so, and am suitably impressed. I adore cookery books; my collection takes pride of place in my sitting room organised in colour order, so the red spine of new Jamie book instantly appealed to me for aesthetic, if not cooking purposes.

The only colour in my entire house comes from my beloved cookery books along the shelves!

So far I have cooked 4 dishes, of which 3 have been real successes! His beef stroganoff, Turkish flats (lamb flatbreads with a yummy salad) and mushroom farfalle have all been absolutely delicious. Although they certainly took me longer than 15 minutes, in reality closer to 45 (but bear in mind I have two little children and if they are not screaming or tugging on my apron strings, then I am so tired I tend to work in slow motion), they are pretty fool proof. 

I think you would have to be working at a lightening pace to get everything done in 15 minutes, and you'd be left with a mountain of washing up (it's all well and good using a food processer to chop a stick of celery, but he clearly has someone who scrubs the damn thing clean and dries it up for him, while he cooks. Mr. G is yet to be so obliging!). Sadly, the mustard lamb was less successful. The mash was pretty watery and the sauce tasted of very little, but three out of four is a pretty good success rate for me!

15 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver, £12, available from Amazon

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  1. Your living room looks incredibly stylish. I love how you have put the shelves together. My own looks like the toy shop invaded my husband's pre-me batchelor pad.
    Love the blog by the way!


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