Wednesday, 24 October 2012

High Brows

Yesterday I visited Blink Brow Bar in Peter Jones, for a quick eyebrow grooming session. I have my brows threaded regularly because I find it quicker and less painful than plucking, and I adore the straight line it gives my brows. As a over zealous plucker (don't say that after a few glasses of wine!) in my teens, my brows are now quite thin and sparse, so good grooming is vital to keep them looking as good as possible.

I'd heard some great things about Blink, but had never tried them before. However, they really are fabulous, and I'll definitely be heading back next time my brows start looking bushy! My threader Shreya expertly and precisely shaped and trimmed my brows, quickly and painlessly, making sure every hair was perfect. She finished with some cooling gel and a relaxing head massage, which was divine, and made the process feel a little more luxurious than normal. The entire process took less than ten minutes, and I am thrilled with the results, perfect brows!

Blink Brow Bars,  £17 for eyebrow threading. They also offer eyelash extensions, tinting and lots of other fun things. Check out their website for more details!

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