Saturday, 20 October 2012

Juice Cleanse

I've been trying lots of different diet options over the last few months, in a desperate attempt to shift the baby weight. I loved the diet delivery food concept, (click here for more) but found the pounds stopped shifting as quickly as I would have liked after a couple of weeks of sticking to it. So, to super charge my weight loss, and clear out my system, I tried a juice cleanse. For four days I ate and drank nothing but specially created juices, a few light soups and lots of herbal tea and supplements, all provided by My Detox Diet

Delivered to my door in perfect portions with written instructions, the diet was easy to follow and the juices were delicious. The concept of a juice cleanse or fast is that it is super easy to digest, so you rapidly absorb the high levels vitamins and nutrients in the juice, whilst giving your system a rest. It also  detoxifies your liver, which is a key organ in breaking down toxins and chemicals (like alcohol), so by doing a cleanse, your liver gets a good old clean.

I can't lie, I was ravenous after the first 12 hours, but by the second day, it got much easier, and after four days I had shed some weight and my skin looked much clearer, almost glowing! 

4 Day Juice and Soup Fast, £108 from

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  1. Definitely juice cleanse is very helpful in loosing the fat and maintaining the immune system.A proper diet of juice cleanses makes your body fit and healthy.


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