Monday, 12 November 2012

High Praise

We are just entering the weaning stage with Arthur, which means lots of mess. With Fifi, my first attempt at getting some pureed carrot into her was on the sofa, with her propped up with pillows. Huge mistake, cue orange smears all over my upholstery. I then saw a highchair on Keeping up with the Kardashian's, that looked incredible and cost the earth, which I stupidly bought. Yes, it is very stylish, but Fifi used to slip all over the place until she was about 1, and had to be padded in with cushions (yes, more damaged upholstery).  

So this time, having done some research, I am much better equipped with the absolute best highchair for weaning. The BabyBjorn highchair is genius for so many reasons. Firstly, it is really supportive for younger children who aren't as good as sitting up as most highchairs assume. It almost pins them in and upright, which is perfect for getting as much mush into them as possible. Secondly, it is super lightweight and folds down, so is great to travel with or just move around the house. The tray table folds down flat, so you can get your child in easily, without having to line up wriggling legs with harnesses, holes and all manner of complicated clips (like my other highchair). It's black and white, so very simple and stylish, totally wipe clean-able (again, unlike my other highchair which is caked in years of chewed and regurgitated food, that has found its way into all of its fancy mechanisms...nice!). 

So, if you are mulling over which highchair to buy, I honestly cannot recommend this one enough. I am thrilled with it, Arthur loves it, Fifi is thrilled not to have to share her highchair and Mr. G is dancing a jig because we are not having to replace the sofas.

BabyBjorn Highchair, retails for £179, but is currently £129 on Amazon

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