Friday, 7 December 2012

Review: Peppa Pig Live

Yesterday, Fifi, Mr. G and me headed off to the West End to see Peppa Pig Live. Other than the nightmare journey getting there, it really was a fantastic morning, and I'd highly recommend it. On stage at The Criterion theatre, which is small and cozy, so not too daunting for little ones, the show was suitable noisy, interactive and packed full of all things Peppa. 

Fifi was a little overwhelmed by George's tears (a splash of water over the audience), and my blowdry didn't appreciate the sousing, but it was one of many fun little touches that really brought the television show to life. The puppeteers were brilliant; particularly the lady who did Mrs. Rabbit's voice (Mr. G thought is was uncanny!), and the glow in the dark sea animals thrilled Fifi (who now wants a pet 'Baby Sea Pig', a cross between the baby seahorse and Peppa).

Although it was a shame not to have full sized characters, but puppets with puppeteers in full view, Fifi did not seem to mind at all, and her desire to cuddle Peppa did not abate. Several of her friends were also at the show, and they all seemed equally enthralled. 

Peppa Pig Live, at The Criterion Theatre until January 6th 2013. Tickets from £11.50

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