Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bathtime Blissfulness

There's no denying that life can be pretty stressful and exhausting. I find that stress catches me unawares, and can feel overwhelming and downright miserable. With a ridiculously hectic life, I try and make some time for myself a couple of times a week, when I really try and switch off and relax. Sometimes it's with exercise, but more often it's with a long soak in the bath. These are my current favourite products to induce a zen-like state of mind after a long day.

Aveda Stress Fix Soaking Salts

A handful of these mineral rich, lavender infused bath salts in a warm bath will relieve stress and tension, and help you to have the most divine night's sleep. They contain a blend of organic oils, clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress. I absolutely adore the scent, and find they really help me to focus and calm, when I need it most.

Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil

As a die hard Aromatherapy Associates fan, I almost wept when I heard they were releasing a new bath oil. Inner Strength was created by the brand founder, Geraldine Howard whilst fighting cancer. She combined frankincense (to help her to concentrate and breathe), rosemary and cardamon (to improve circulation), clary sage (to induce euphoria), geranium (to rebalance hormones) and vetiver and sandalwood (for anxiety) into a stunning bath oil, packaged in the happiest shade of fuchsia you can imagine. Not only does this oil really work at soothing the soul and making you feel like you can take on another day, it is also so uplifting in its message and support of the Defence Against Cancer Foundation.

Diptyque Rose Duet Candle

There is nothing quite like the flickering light of a candle to bring peace to a stressed mind. This limited edition rose version is incredible, if you are a fan of all things rosy. It packs a heady, floral rose, with the depth of Baies, which work together to infuse a room with the most incredible scent. I adore it, Fifi adores the colour, and Mr. G is working away, so can't complain that the house 'smells of girl'. 

Aveda Stress Fix Soaking Salts, £6-£29, available online

Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath and Shower Oil, £39 (10% of proceeds go to Defence Against Cancer Foundation), available from John Lewis and online

Diptyque Rose Duet Candle, £42, available online

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