Friday, 22 February 2013

Take a Bow

With a head full of curls, taming Fifi's hair has always proved something of challenge. It gets very knotty and frizzy, and can take on the look of 'street urchin chic' unless treated with care. We have been working through a selection of bows, elastics, hair bands and brushes, trying to find our favourites.

When it comes to bows, I adore Verity Jones London, for the gorgeous colours and patterns. They are made with gorgeous grosgrain ribbon, and don't lose their shape, even under hats. we have just started trying out her bow elastics, which are perfect for bunches (although Fifi's bunches are tiny, all bow and no hair!). For brighter shades, Candy Bows have a huge selection and a very reasonable price point, which is so important as at least half of Fifi's have ended up littering the streets of Fulham over the years.

The biggest issue I have with bows, is keeping them neat and tidy. Until recently, I kept them in a large jar, which was fab, until Fifi decided to help herself and dropped it.....So, I have now reverted to a ribbon pinboard, that I clip the bows onto. It looks adorable hanging up in her room, and means she can easily grab one if she feels so inclined! 

Finally, when it comes to products and brushes, nothing beats a Tangle Teezer for brushing very knotty hair. And, I've been using a spritz of Bumble and Bumble's Prep spray each morning to help get the brush through and tame the frizz that she acquires every night. 

Verity Jones London, bows available online and from Liberty children's department

Candy Bows, check out website for their huge range

Tangle Teezer, from £9.75 available online and from Boots stores nationwide

Prep by Bumble and Bumble, from £5.50 available from Boots and Space NK

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