Wednesday, 6 February 2013

From Father to Son

We've just moved house and I've had no Internet access for nearly a week, so I apologise for the infrequent blog posting. However, following the lovely response to my last post on 10 things I want my son to know, Mr G got creative, and compiled a list of his own advice for his son. So, while I struggle with uploading pictures on a 3G connection, I thought I'd share his list.

 1. Crying is ok for a man. Whinging is not. 

2. The harder you try to get the girls, the less they will want you.

3. The more you say, the dumber you seem in a work environment. Only now, with others working for me, do I realise this. How foolish I must have seemed!

4. The only family member you ever get to choose is your wife... So pick wisely! You will know she is the one when you can go for 30 days without once, even for a split second, wishing you were somewhere other the by her side

5. Stress is a killer avoid it or learn to manage it. It kills relationships, it kills your ability to think, it kills your lust for life and it kills your sperm

6. Admit it when you don't know... Nobody is omniscient

7. Buy a good bed and a good pair of shoes... If you aren't in one, you are in the other

8. It's ok to want to be like your parents, but sift their best qualities and discard their worst before emulating them. 

9. Time is the greatest healer. When it looks like something terrible has happened, wait... It won't be so bad in the morning

10. Never, ever have emotionally charged conversations when you are tired or when you have had a drink (even one). The chances of it turning into an argument are 100x more thanks you have the same conversation in the morning. 

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