Monday, 11 February 2013

Shaking off the Winter Blues

We've just booked a summer holiday, and have several summery wedding's and Mr.G's 30th all creeping nearer and nearer. I have therefore started to try and get suitably toned, glowing and glamourous, as I am always guilty of leaving it to the last minute, and ending up looking less glam more gran. 

First up is my exercise routine. I workout once or twice a week with a brilliant trainer, but I am trying to up the ante, and have started interval training in my local park. That sounds very complicated, and it really isn't. It involves running the length of the park (less than half km) as fast as I possibly can, and then returning to my starting point walking or jogging to catch my breath. I've been assured that it is a great way to build fitness and drop the lbs quickly. I've been wearing the most gorgeous leggings to keep my legs warm from the cold winds, by Hey Jo, a super luxe brand, who make chic, brightly coloured leggings for working out in. I love the gold zips on my Cassini blueberry pair!

Diet wise, I'm sticking to the Jane Plan, which is keeping me on track diet wise, and is super easy, which is perfect for my life at the moment (two children, new house, husband working out of's all go). I'm consistently dropping  weight, slowly but surely, every week, and starting to feel that I'm getting my pre-baby body back (although it wasn't that great to start with. Fingers crossed for a Miranda Kerr style miracle).

To get my skin in tip top condition, so it glows all summer, I've turned to Sarah Chapman's Skinesis range. Her targeted skin boosters and overnight facial guarantee waking up with great skin, that just gets better and better. Her Instant Miracle mask certainly got my skin glowing (but stupidly ignoring the instructions not to pour down the sink has led to a very grumpy Mr. G, with a very slow draining bathroom sink, be warned!). 

Finally, to get my hair shiny and glossy, I've been using coconut oil, massaged in to my scalp before shampooing, which really works. Coconut oil is one of those star products, that can be used for all sorts of dry skin conditions (it has cleared Arthur's patches of dryness up a treat), and just happens to smell like pina colada, divine!

Hey Jo leggings, from £90, available in sizes XS-L online (they come up a little larger than other sports leggings, I wear a S, and am a size 12)

Jane Plan, from £49.75 per week. Visit the website for more details.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis, £40 for a Discovery Collection. Available online and from Space NK stores


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