Monday, 18 March 2013

French Pharmacy Buys Part 2

I wrote about my favourite French pharmacy purchases a few months ago, but having just spent a week in the Alps, I've found a few new ones, which are just fantastic. Most of them are next to impossible to get in the UK, so stock up if you are France bound in the future!


This French cosmetics range has had some great reviews on a few blogs I read (Ruth Crilly raves about it on A Model Recommends), but it's very hard to get hold of. However, after a long day on the ski slopes, I popped into the world's most expensive pharmacy in Courchevel for a bit of retail therapy, and the sales assistants clearly saw the neon sign above my head ("she'll buy anything"). Launching into a whole analysis of my skin (dry/tired/ ego-boost let me tell you!), they brought over a selection of Filorga products and said I simply had to buy the lot. Well, I didn't quite buy the lot, but a select few bits, that I was assured would make me look beautiful, and am so impressed. 

I've been trying 4 products, which I probably shouldn't be using together, but as I clearly need a beauty boost, thought I'd quadruple dose. The shining star in the range is the Meso-C radiance treatments, which have made my skin feel so much softer and healthier within a week. I also love the Sleep and Peel, which has sloughed away dead skin cells and helped to smooth my complexion (I use this at night), and the Sleep Recover is a great , overnight moisture and radiance boost (this is the one the sales assistants wouldn't let me leave without, apparently they could tell I had small children from the bags under my eyes.....). 

Some of the Filorga range is available from Marks and Spencer's great beauty hall (and online), and almost all French pharmacies.

Phyto Gloss Treatment

I have always had a soft spot for the Phyto range of haircare products  I love the way they smell and they always deliver great results. Being a highlighted blonde, I find that my hair can get yellow undertones pretty easily, and although I use a purple tinged shampoo, it can be quite drying, so I was thrilled to find Phyto's Platinum gloss treatment up the mountain. It totally neutralises yellow tones, and made my hair soft and shiny. You leave it on for 5 or 10 minutes after shampooing and conditioning, and just rinse it off, like a hair treatment. They have other colours, for dark blonde, brown and red hair. 
Flector Patches

Not a beauty product  but if you suffer from a sore back, which I do on a daily basis, these anti-inflammatory patches are the stuff of your dreams. You just stick them directly to the sore area, and they quickly reduce pain and swelling, as effectively as a prescription anti-inflammatory, but without any side effects, and I found that they benefits lasted much longer. 

Bioderma ABCDerm

From the same stable as my most favourite make-up remover, Bioderma have an incredible range of baby products, which, unlike a lot of others, are targeted to specific issues that babies can have with their skin. From extreme dryness, to irritations around their mouths (both of mine had this from over zealous wiping by me, and dribbling when teething). I adore the ABDDerm Ato+, which is ideal for super dry skin, the Peri-Oral cream for Arthur's mouth and the suncream, which sinks in like a dream. Sadly, I have not been able to find this baby range anywhere in the UK, but let me know if you have any luck!

Filorga, from £20 available from Marks and Spencer

Phyto Gloss Treatments, £20 available from Space NK

Flector Patches, only available in France (and the USA)

Bioderma ABCDerm range, only available in France

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