Friday, 8 March 2013

The Perfect Mother's Day

This coming Sunday is Mother's Day, (take note Mr. G) and although I would love to receive flowers and breakfast in bed, rather than facing disappointment head on, we're jetting off on holiday at 6am, so no lazy morning or blooming bouquets for me. However, seeing as I am a mum, I have a wonderful mum, and lots of you are mums, I thought a post on perfect presents for mum's might be apt. Everyone should show their mum how special they are every now and then! So, I asked all of my lovely mummy friends and my own gorgeous mum for their dream Mother's day present. Here's what they came up with!

Victoria, yummy mummy of one and cake decorator extraordinaire 

"A day at the Four Seasons Spa....or a Prada bag (I can safely say I'll be getting neither!)"

Fiona, new mum to a truly scrumptious baby boy, and the font of all medical wisdom

"Having my husband do the night and early morning feeds, or going back to bed in the morning would be lovely. And then, to be woken with a glass of bubbles and scrambled eggs and smoked salmon would be lovely! I'm just excited to be part of the Mother's Day club!" 

Anita, mum of two, granny of two, and possibly the best in the world at both jobs!

"An Emma Bridgewater mug or a cookery book" 
(I think she might be pleasantly surprised come Sunday)

Andrea, uber-glam mum of two boys, one of whom is the love of Fifi's life!

"I'd love a big pot of hydrangeas and  lots of different herbs, so that I can get my London garden ready for spring"

Emily, fabulous mum of two, and the source of inspiration for many of my blog posts!

"A week in the Maldives without the kids.....or maybe with them, but with a nanny!!!" 

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