Friday, 3 May 2013

HD Ready?

Yesterday I tried out a beauty treatment called HD Brows. I have always had thin, straggly brows, that I've never really liked. Since the meteoric rise of Cara Delevigne, and her stunningly beautiful brows (not to mention the rest of her), I've been researching how I can get that strong look. Everything I read suggested that HD Brows was the right answer. It's a 7 step process, involving tinting, threading, waxing and plucking, to get your brows groomed and looking much better defined. 

Sadly this is not me......

This is what my brows looked like before the treatment....

The treatment itself takes about 40 minutes, and is pretty simple, nothing scary or too painful. The final step of the process involves your eyebrows being penciled in, to balance them and help define arches etc. To be really honest, this was possibly a step too far for me, as I felt it looked a little too strong and heavy, but once I had taken the pencil off, I was thrilled with the results. My brows looked natural, but a little thicker and much better defined and shaped. 

It's not a cheap treatment, costing around £35 each time, and requiring monthly appointments to maintain the look, but I can see how easily I could become a convert, especially if I end up looking a little bit like Cara.....a girl can dream!

HD Brows, available in salons nationwide. Visit for more details.


  1. Love your brows but love the statement necklace even more. Just what I'm looking for- do you mind sharing where it's from?

    1. Thanks! It's from Stella and Dot.

  2. Your brows look fab! I've just been wondering what I should do about mine as they are quite thin as well. Will def give this a try. x


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