Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Softly Scented

We've just completed our new wardrobe in our house, having spent months planning shelves, hanging rails and carpet colours. So, before I start filling the cupboards with all of my clutter, I want to make it all smell divine, and keep moths at bay. I'm lusting after the Jo Malone Scent Surround Hangers, which are infused with one of my new favourite scents, English Pear and Freesia, a light, floral fragrance that screams springtime. However, at £40 a pair, I fear that they may remain a dream!

Slightly more practical are the White Company's Cedar Hearts. Perfect for deterring hungry moths, yet a little more luxurious than the plastic wrapped moth balls I have been using until now. They can be refreshed regularly with a spritz of cedar spray, so there is no excuse for holey cashmere!

Finally, L'Occitane, a perennial favourite, have just opened a branch a stone's throw from my home, over the river in Putney. And, their Lavender Perfumed Sachet's are a gorgeous way to gently infuse your clothes with lavender. The rustic, fabric bags that they come in look infinitely chic hanging from the rails or in a draw.

Jo Malone Scent Surround Hangers, £40 for two, available from

White Company Cedar Hearts, £16 available from Use discount code AB948 for 15% off and free delivery until 31st May 2013.

L'Occitane Lavender Scented Sachets, £7, available online and from the new Putney store in The Exchange Shopping Centre.

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