Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mermaid Maternity

Today I was given a brochure for an amazing new maternity retreat in Chelsea. Having had two pretty difficult labours, I'm very conscious of how the stress of birth can adversely affect you in the weeks and months following delivery. I wish I had been fortunate to re cooperate at Mermaid Maternity Retreat, a non-medical haven which not only offer post-natal support in the form of breast feeding advice, first aid training, and general tlc, but also a whole host of incredible antenatal options, from Pilates to hypnotherapy classes.

The rooms are incredible, sumptuous  relaxing and ideal for recovering after labour or a c-section, and when you add in the full-board aspect (delicious, nutritious food. They also offer a take away food service for children at home or husbands!), the baby zone (a baby creche in case you need a few hours of sleep) and the workshops (sleep training is a must; it seems like the ideal place for any new mum. 

Mermaid Maternity Retreat, 234a Kings Road, London, SW3 5UA, visit for more details and prices.

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