Friday, 24 May 2013

Glorious Glamping!

We recently tried a weekend of posh camping, otherwise known as glamping, with the children. Despite lashing rain and freezing cold weather, it was such a special weekend. Being rather keen on long hot baths, make up and comfy beds, I've never really considered any form of canvas as a viable holiday option. However, on reading the website for Mill Farm Glamping, I was intrigued. A camping experience (Mr. G's favourite type of holiday, or so he claims), but with a hot shower, flushing loo, proper beds and a stove. We booked up with glee (Mr. G was slightly more gleeful than I was, I'd been hoping for a fortnight in the Maldives....), and arrived after a short drive down the M4. 
Who needs a buggy when you have a wheelbarrow?

I was absolutely overwhelmed by how perfect it was for kids. Chickens and ducks were roaming free, desperate, or so it seemed, for a cuddle from Fifi. Donkeys begged for rides, eggs were waiting to be collected and cooked on our outside brazier, and the hay barn and wendy house were perfect for entertaining. Mr. G spied the huge pile of logs with zeal, and proceeded in  stoking every fire available. 

I can't lie, the onset of heavy rain and low temperatures made the evening hard. We couldn't sit outside with getting drenched (which, of course, we did), and our sausages were a touch soggy. But the addition of electric blankets in the beds was a welcome addition.

I cannot think of a better weekend for young children. Sadly, we have learnt the hard way that cocktails on a hot sandy beach is not what little kids want. They eat the sand and despise being coated in sunscreen, which the choppy water and slippery rocks act as magnets for less than sure footed toddlers. Instead, playing with animals, watching Daddy burns stuff, and jumping in lots of muddy puddles is heaven, at least for my brood.

Mill Farm Luxury Glamping in Wiltshire. Visit for prices and more details. 

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