Thursday, 20 June 2013

You view?

A few weeks ago I got sent a YouView box from Mumsnet to try out. As a self confessed tv addict, I am a slave to recording, pausing and rewinding everything from Spencer dumping Louise, to Kourtney delivering Mason right through to the demise of Joey and Sam. I love it all, but do get irritated by the dreadful customer service and cutting out of Sky.

So, having recently moved house, I managed to persuade Mr. G that a tv in our bedroom was a brilliant idea. Unconvinced, I kitted our room up with a coffee machine, and a tiny fridge for milk, and sold him on the idea of lazy mornings with the kids all curled up in bed (it's yet to happen, kids hate snuggling at 7am!). We then set up our YouView box, and recorded everything from Justin's House (Mr. G is a fan, I think he has job envy....) to movies (and a bit of MiC for me!).

You view is very similar to Sky, simple, easy to use, and best of all for us, doesn't require wires coming down from the roof (our house is 3 floors, and Mr. G seriously offered the Sky installer that he'd 'shin' up there as the installer was not insured........). A quick connection to the wifi and power, and we were up and running.

There are parental controls, so if you have a cheeky monkey, you can make sure they don't do or see anything naughty (or, in my case, delete anything precious....the fleeting scenes of Francis and Proudlock are the high spots of my week). 

I think, if you are looking for a cheaper (by far!) and easier alternative to Sky (we have found getting Sky installed a total headache 3 times now), YouView is ace. It does the job, simply, efficiently and is very user friendly! For us, it's perfect for our bedroom! 

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