Friday, 5 July 2013

Summer Holiday part 2

So, continuing on from my previous post (if you missed it, catch up here), I have a few wonder products for protecting and nourishing your hair during and after sun exposure. I have heavily highlighted, fine hair, which needs a lot of tlc, especially after a day of sun and sea saturation. These are products are all going in my suitcase....

Aveda SunCare

Regular reader will know that I love Aveda. The products always smell amazing, and are gentle enough to use on children (Fifi uses Shampure on her hair!), but effective at the same time. Their Suncare range is designed to protect hair for up to 16 hours from UV, salt and chlorine. They have three key products, a shampoo (which also doubles as a great shower gel, perfect for sun exposed skin), which is very gentle yet removes all of the impurities picked up from the pool or beach. It's packed full of coconut oil, an ingredient I use all the time, so leaves your hair soft and clean. Follow this with the after sun hair masque, which packs a hefty punch of moisture into your fragile follicles. I leave it on as a mask over night, after a lots of sun exposure, and rinse it out the following morning, for baby soft locks. Finally, the protective hair veil, is weightless and smells delicious, and designed to protect hair whilst in the sunshine. It all works for me, and ensures my hair survives even the sunniest of days!

Kiko Hair Care

This is a new discovery for me, and it's a good one! Kiki Make Up have developed a brilliant range of sun protection designed for your hair, with all sorts of clever technology involved. The dry oil spray is great for dry hair like mine, as it gives a bit of sheen and softness, whilst protecting against the sun. The after sun conditioner is also brilliant for damaged locks. My hair is always a tangled mess after swimming, but this conditioner detangles and makes hair silky and soft.

Aveda Suncare, from £16.50, available from Aveda salons and online by clicking here

Kiko, from £4.40, available from Kiko online

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