Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Beautiful Bangles

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, and I decided to treat myself to some jewellery  Juliana Cassandro designs gorgeous bangles in an array of styles, which can be totally customised with a personal message. Perfect as a gift for anyone, particularly new mums, as the bracelets look stunning when filled with children's names or birthdays, but how romantic would it be to be given one with a secret love message on (take note Mr. G). I opted for three silver bangles, one with words and a heart charm, one with my children's names interspersed with tiny diamonds, and one with important dates and little gold hearts. 

There are a huge number of charms that can be added, as well as sizes and metal types, the world is your oyster. The silver bangles with a gold interior look particularly unusual and interesting  And, they look gorgeous all stacked up, so you can keep adding to your collection!

Juliana Cassandro, visit website for more details. Bangles start at £180

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