Monday, 11 November 2013

My Skincare Routine (in 4 very long steps!)

I'm always being asked about my makeup and skincare regime, what I use, when I use it and how. So, I thought a post on my key steps might be useful if you feel like you need to step your skincare up. I must warn you, I have a lot of steps and use loads of products...!


A critical step, I've always been phobic about keeping my face clean. I try and double cleanse every evening; I use a cleansing balm (currently Emma Hardie and Ren Rose) which I massage in and remove with a warm flannel. I then use a gel cleanser (SkinCeutical Age and Blemish or Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel) with a Clarisonic. I find this gets rid of all my makeup (although if there is any residue eye make, a sweep of Bioderma gets rid of it).

Step 2 TONE

Until recently, I really believed that toners were outdated and dreadful for your skin. And I guess the old fashioned alcohol based ones are. But there are some brilliant toners on the market which help to prep your skin for products and moisturise whilst soothing. The brilliant skin guru Caroline Hirons recommends double toning, which I try and do, starting with Skinceuticals Equalising Toner to gently exfoliate (hydroxy acids in this suit my skin really well, Ren's Clarifying Toner is also great) and finishing with Neal's Yard Remedies Rose Toner to add moisture and replenish. 

Step 3 TREAT

In the morning, I use a trio of SkinCeuticals products. I start with Phloretin CF, a fantastic anti ageing, antioxidant product that I adore, followed by Pigment Regulator, to repair sun damage, and finally Retexturing Activator to gently exfoliate and boost moisture levels. I then moisturise, currently with By Terry's Gelee de Rose, which is light and smells amazing (I also love Zelens 3T cream), and use an eye cream (either Zelens Triple action eye cream or Delarom Eye contour lifting serum).

In the evening, I alternate between using Skinceutucals Retinol 0.5 for 3-5 days in a row and Chanel Le Weekend, which are both quite strong ( if in doubt, seek advice, particularly for Retinol products), with the Pigment Regulator. I then slap on a layer of Creme De La Mer The Concentrate under a final facial oil (Trilogy Rosehip or Nude Progenius Oil).


My final step every morning is to use a sunscreen. I have about four on rotation, at the moment I love Dermalogica skin perfect Primer, which makes your skin look great, Zo Skin Health Oclipse (another sunscreen and primer) and SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense in sunnier days.

So that's my general, everyday routine, and some of my current favourite products. I also try and have regular facials (not so regular since babies came along!) and anti ageing treatments, and use face masks twice a week (I adore La Prarie and Sisley masks, my credit card is less enthusiastic).

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