Saturday, 8 February 2014

Get 'App-y

For the last few months, our whole family have been learning all about phonics, trying to help Fifi learn to read and write. It's much harder (for us grown ups, that is) than I had realised, much more than just learning ABC. Fifi loves nothing more than correcting my mispronunciation of letters ("it's mmmmmm, not muh, for mummy, silly"). So, I've been using apps to try and make learning a bit more interactive, and much more accurate than my teaching appears to be. 

These are our current favourites:

Mr. Thorne Does Phonics

Possibly my favourite educational app ever (quite possibly something to do with Mr. Thorne's jaunty trilby and cheeky smile), this YouTube sensation has created some brilliant apps that engage my three year old and really make learning sounds and letters a fun experience. This is a brilliant collection of short videos, that has really helped Fifi with getting her letter sounds just right. I highly recommend it!

Hip Hop Hen ABC Flashcards Songs

For a more musical approach to learning letters, Hip Hop Hen's stunning illustrated  flashcard app, uses catchy, fun songs to captivate children and help them to learn phonics. Fifi really loves using this app, and spends longer playing on it than most others. Created by an experienced teacher and educational researcher and a nursery headmistress, this educational and innovative app is a brilliant approach,  and feels much more like a game than learning. Hip Hop Hen's two other apps are just as fab. 

Funimal Phonics

Another flashcard style app, this one uses active animals (think dancing hippos and roaring lions) to engage imaginations. This app definitely makes Fifi smile, and also engages Arthur (18 months), who loves making animals move. A really good option for engaging younger children; it's simple to use and lots of fun.

Me Thorne Does Phonics, £2.99

Hip Hop Hen abc flashcards sings, £2.99

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