Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Skiing Saviours

We have just arrived home from a fabulous week of skiing in Courchevel. We've skied every year since having children, and definitely learnt a few tricks to make holidays, which are inherently baby unfriendly, a little easier. Here are my top tips;


If you want to hit the piste, you need done form if childcare that you can rely on and feel relaxed enough to hurtle down a mountain. My two top choices are my lovely parents or using my favourite holiday Scott Dunn, who provide wonderful childcare, either in the form of a nanny or a crèche. Both options have worked really well for us! 

Ski Boots/Kit

If your time skiing is as precious as it is to me, you need to be in comfortable, warm kit. This year I decided to wear my trusty old ski boots, that I had fitted pre-babies. Sadly, my feet have clearly got wider (/fatter) since carrying the weight of two children around for 9 months, and after a day of skiing, I was not only in agony, but also one toenail short. In my agony, I found the most incredible ski boot company, called Surefoot, who custom make ski boots to fit your feet and skiing style perfectly. Despite a throbbing toe, my week of skiing was salvaged, and my boots were as comfy as a pair of Uggs.

In terms of ski kit, I always go for performance over style, as I hate being cold. Gloves are the most important part for me, and Hestra have proved to be the best brand I've found. For stylish and practical ski and snowboarding kit, Donna Ida makes some pretty cool stuff in her 'Perfect Moment' range.

Skin and hair

The wind, sun and freezing temperatures destroy both my skin and hair, making them feel dry and look dreadful. This year I have relied on Skinceuticals Emoliance, which deeply hydrates with leaving an oil slick on your face. For my hair, Kiehls olive fruit oil hair pak, combined with Phyto 9 kept my tresses from too much damage.

Finally, it turns out that my two children both suffer horribly from car sickness, so driving up the mountain is a pretty nasty business. We tried using a travel sickness medicine, but found that it made them both groggy and grumpy for the entire journey, and were still sick. My only tips would be, pack a fresh set of clothes for everyone in your hand luggage. Sitting covered in vomit for two hours is about as bad as it gets.....

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