Friday, 30 March 2012

Oil Me Up

I've heard lots of wonderful things about facial oils in magazines and online, but have never felt tempted. my skin breaks out very easily, so the idea of covering it a layer of oil has always felt counter intuitive. But as more and more fine lines are appearing on my face, I decided to reassess my views. I find lots of heavy moisturisers block my pores and make my skin too greasy, but light ones (I adore Dermalogica Active Moist for example) don't seem to be punchy enough to fight the deepening crevasses. I use lots of serum and all manner of anti ageing products, but though I'd give a facial oil a go.

It turns out that there are plenty on the market designed for oily skin, which are intended to help regulate the sebum production, whilst moisturising the dry patches. I found two that I have been lucky enough to try for the last month or two, and have found them both to be fantastic. The first is Vaishaly Night Nourisher for normal/combination skin. This pump activated oil is really easy to dispense, and sinks in quickly. It doesn't leave any greasy residue and smells divine (citrusy with a woody note). My skin looked great after 3 weeks of constant use, glowing, plumped and no spots at all. However, the big drawback to this product is the price, at £75 I couldn't really justify replacing it, as it didn't last too long.

So, in the name of beauty research I decided to try and find a cheaper alternative. I discovered the delicious Espa Balancing Face Treatment oil, at a slightly more affordable £53 (I know it's not cheap, but I'm still looking....It does seem that the cheaper varieties are much greasier). This is just as brilliant as the Vaishaly product, with the only draw back being it needs to be poured out, which can get a bit messy with a curious toddler on the loose. The effects were just as impressive as the Vaishaly one, and I feel like my skin has never looked better. It has definitely helped to even out my skin and reduce those irritating, little blemishes on my cheeks and forehead.

There are lots of facial oils out there for almost every skin complaint. If you are curious, give one a go, I was very pleasantly surprised!

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