Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Brush Those Flaws Away

I’ve made a really great discovery this week, in the form of a foundation brush. I’ve used one of these before, the Bobbi Brown foundation brush, which I liked, but found could leave my foundation a bit streaky, unless I spent ages applying it and blending it in wwith the brush. That defeated the point for me, so I rarely use it.

Anyhow, last week I heard some amazing things about the Louise Young Super Foundation Brush (LY34) and thought I’d give it a whirl. It is a big, round shaped, very dense brush, which is intended for buffing on foundation, rather than painting it on, as the Bobbi Brown flat, paddle shaped brush is. The idea is that by using circular motions to apply your foundation, it works it in better, so you get an airbrush finish which lasts longer. And I would have to agree.

My skin is erratic at the best of times, with greasy and dry patches, and normally big bags under my eyes from far too many early mornings. However, I hate heavy foundation, as I think it ages me and makes my skin look worse. So the idea behind this brush was right up my street, creating a soft veil of coverage, rather than a thick shield.

It takes a while to master the application process, but there are tons of YouTube clips to help, if you are interested. The finish is light and glowy, and I adore it. If you prefer a heavier foundation, it might not work for you, but if you tend toward sheer foundations and tinted moisturizers, this brush is genious. Pared with a dab of Laura Mercier Secret camouflage (great concealer, review to follow), and a spirtz of Mac Fix+ and a blast from the hairdryer, my skin looks dewy and flawless. Which is most certainly isn’t.

The brush costs £24 and is available from or Harvey Nichols, if you want to give it a try before you fall in love. If you are looking for something that gives a bit more coverage, try Le Metier De Beute Angled Foundation Brush.

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