Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Coachella Envy

The only weekend (or two this year) of the year that I get very jealous of child-free people is during Coachella, the super hip music festival in the US. Everyone looks so effortlessly beautiful, and the music line up is always amazing. This year was no exception. I sat at home, pregnant, suffering from heartburn (it turns out frozen yoghurt works wonders) and doing laundry, while Katy Perry and Rihanna rocked out in the sunshine (although it rained a bit this year, so clearly the beautiful people don’t always get their own way).

Here is my pick of the best dressed (although being neither hip or cool, I don’t really know if I am the right person to judge!).

Rihanna – head to toe in Topshop, amazing. I wish I had her body!

Dianne Kruger -  how can she be so damn pretty???

Katy Perry – Mr Brand must look at this and feel sad. A bit controversial perhaps for Fulham, but awesome, non the less. And I love the flowers in her hair!

Nina Dobrev – as a not-so-secret vampire fan, I love Vampire Diaries (don’t judge!), and Nina looks incredible here. Her accessory in the form of co-star Ian Somerhalder.
Lauren Conrad -  at the Lacoste party, looking L.A fresh and chic. Not so sure about Lea Michelle, what is with that smile, does it ever leave her face? surely no one is actually that happy?

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