Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Driving Me Potty!

This week we are starting potty training. Fifi is nearly 19 months, and hates wearing nappy, and wriggles when I try to put one on her, so I decided to bite the bullet and start potty training. Gina Ford (who I have sworn by in the past) has some pretty strict rules in her book, including totally eliminating nappies during the training process. I've gone for a bit of a softer approach, as she is quite young, and am giving her an hour or two a day with no nappy, and encouraging her to sit on the potty for long periods.

Yesterday, we had a little accident on the carpet, which was probably a good thing, as it needed a good scrub clean. However, today we had a break through, while visiting my mum, and got an entire wee into the potty, and an indication from Fifi that she was doing so. Amazing progress. Obviously, my mum rewarded her with a massive, home made cookie (not organic, full of sugar, honestlky, grandparents are so naughty. But it was a very yummy cookie!), and she spent the rest of the morning teaching her new Minnie Mouse doll (a new obsession) how to use the potty. Very sweet.

Rest assured, I won't give you all a running commentary of the potty training progress, as I appreciate it is rather boring, but if you have any tips, please, please, please email me or post a comment below.

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