Monday, 21 May 2012

To See or Not to See

If you are a keen theatre goer, and want to share your love with your children, there is so much on offer at the moment. Plays and performances for all ages and tastes seem to be popping up all over London. Here are some that I've heard good things about...

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe at The Three Sixty Theatre in Kensington Gardens

Based on the fabulous play by C.S Lewis (you may have read my blog post about it here), this summer walk in a world of snow, witches and lions with Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan. After my initial fear of the book (it only lasted 6 years, it doesn't really count), I fell in love with the story, and was so excited to hear it was being performed at Kensington Gardens. Imagine your children almost touching the snow, as it falls in the fantastically designed arena, gasping when Aslan walks onto the stage and holding their breath as the final battle begins. Although not a true retelling of the story, much adapted for the audience and the setting, it is breath takingly well done, and will capture the attention of any child old enough to follow the story. At two and a half hours, it's not ideal for toddlers, but is worth a trip for anyone with a love of the story (that'll be me and my mum then!).

In The Night Garden Live, Various Venues including Old Deer Park, Richmond

I have tickets for this, and am yet to go, but felt I had to share the details with you in case your children are as keen on this as my daughter and her friends are. It's a thirty minute show, with all of their favourite characters, and just like the programme, there are two version, the Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk (so if you have to go twice for any awful reason, you can at least sit through a vaguely different storyline). For an extra charge you can do a meet and greet with Upsy Daisy or Iggle Piggle (we are meeting Iggle Piggle, and anticipating tears, Fifi gets overwhelmed with excitement by seeing a dog in the park.....).

Matilda, The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre

An Olivier award winning retelling of the Roald Dahl classic, perfect for children and great fun for parents. It is a musical version of the book, by the brilliant Tim Minchin. The baddie is suitable mean, anticipate Trunch warfare, the songs are foot tappingly catchy and the stunts and effects are brilliant (gymnasium vaults, swings and Miss Trunchbull's bra and some of the engineering wonders on display). Great for younger and older children (I'd suggest from 2 up, but what do I know?!), this is a fun day out for everyone!

Charlie and Lola at The Polka Theatre Wimbledon

From the 18th July, Charlie and Lola's Bestest Play takes to the stage at Wimbledon's very child friendly Polka Theatre. Lots of people I know have been there, and I am yet to hear a bad review. This particular play appeals to me, as both my daughter and I love Charlie and his very naughty sister Lola, and are hoping for a guest appearance from Sizzles the dog. This play is a puppet show, suitable for babies and toddlers, as well as slightly older children, but dedicated 'Baby show' encourage whole families to come along and enjoy the show.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Three Sixty Theatre, Kensington Gardens until 9th september. Tickets from £25. Visit website for more details.

In The Night Garden Live, at various venues across London and the UK. Tickets from £15, visit website for more details.

Matilda the Musical, The Cambridge Theatre. Tickets from £24, available online (last minute tickets are also available if you search online, or try

Charlie and Lola, at The Polka Theatre, Wimbledon from 18th July-25th August. Tickets from £10, with special baby and autism shows on selected dates, check the website.


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