Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Roll Away Your Wrinkles

I was given a really interesting birthday present from my beautiful friend Rachel. A Jade facial roller, as used by Kate Moss and co. It's a simple concept, you gentle roll if over your face, and the motion helps to drain the lymphatic system and make you look less puffy. The jade element, is based on Chinese medicine, which associates jade with calming properties, helping to reduce irritability and stress when used on the face. Sounds amazing to me.

So, for the last few days I have been rollering like crazy, and I am now a convert. I have long believed in facial massage and lymphatic drainage as two key elements of my skincare routine, using facial oil in the evening to try and smooth away fine lines and excess fluid. This roller makes the process much quicker and easier, and because the jade is very cool, it feel really relaxing and soothing, especially in this muggy weather. 

I use the roller on either side of my nose, to help clear my sinuses (I have millions of allergies and am always congested) and then from the centre of my face and down towards my jaw, then my chin. I roll from the centre of my forehead out, from the inner corners of my eyes out, and finally from under my ears towards my chin, which is where a lot of toxins can build up. This takes less than a minute to do, and I find it makes my skin look fresher and less tired the next morning.

Jade Rollers, start at around £10, available online and in health food stores nationwide

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