Monday, 27 August 2012

Forking out for Art

A few months ago, Mr G and I decided to treat ourselves to a piece of art. Mr. G comes from a very artistic family, and we have collected numerous paintings and prints over the years, many by his mother and grandfather, who are very talented artists. However, the one downside to having such a talented family, is that we rarely choose our own things. 

So, a while ago, while flicking through a magazine, I stumbled across the amazing sculptures and artworks by Ann Carrington, who uses everyday objects like buttons and cutlery to make the most wonderful pieces, collected by people such as Elton John and Gwyneth Paltrow. Most recently, Ann created a banner for the Queen's Jubilee barge, the Spirit of Chartwell, using £15,000 worth of buttons! we both fell in love with a particular piece, and commissioned Ann to create our own version. It's arriving in the next few weeks, and I'm so excited. So, I wanted to share some of her breath taking work with you....

Manhattan Mettle, made from pins, nails, dimes, dollars, subway tokens....

Stars and Stripes, made from Jeans

Black Jack of Billingsgate, made from buttons 

Pearly Crown Jewels of Bow, made from buttons

Pearly Queen of Ironmongers Row, made from buttons

Silver Fish, made from tin cans, forks and a coat hanger

Red Angus, made from bone handled knives

Ann has recently launched a range of limited edition prints of some of these stunning pieces, which are available on her website, including the Royal Jubilee banner. 

Limited Edition Prints, from £195, available online at

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