Saturday, 25 August 2012

Finding my Soulmate

I wrote recently about my diet efforts, in my quest to regain my figure as quickly as possible (click here to read about it). well, this week I have been trying another gourmet diet delivery service, which I adore. Soulmatefood is a diet delivery service, which is wholesome, nutritionally and calorie controlled, and most importantly, delicious. Seriously, it's nicer than the stuff I cook for Mr. G. And, its a lot cheaper than other offerings. The Pure Package (I tried a few weeks ago) worked out at about £45 a day for 3 meals and snack, whereas Soulmatefood is just less than £25 a day for a 6 day trial.

Unlike most diets, the food is substantial and really filling. The menu can be tailored to exclude things you can't or don't eat, and is very varied. I would struggle to cook the same menu for less than £25 a day, and once you factor in the effort factor, I am a total convert to this type of dieting. Combining low GI frequent meals, your metabolism is boosted without ever feeling hungry. I can also testify that you feel more energised. With a newborn baby and toddler, I would ordinarily grab a slice of toast for lunch, which left me feeling tired and hungry (by 5pm I would be wrestling Fifi's fish fingers from her...). Eating smaller, healthier meals has really helped prevent that mid afternoon slump (aka 'the I need coffee and cake now' slump).

The food is delivered to your doorstep in the early hours, ready prepared and boxed up. The only effort required is opening your mouth and saying yum. So far, my favourite meals have been lamb kofte with Greek salad, fajitas and my mid morning smoothies. Oh, and did I mention that I have lost 5lb in 5 days....

Soulmatefood, from £149 a week for a 6 day trial. Check out the website for more details or find them on Twitter (@soulmatefood)

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  1. Thank you for this lovely review of Soulmatefood.

    We are very happy that you liked the service and as a mother with a newborn and toddler found it a great way to still eat healthy and have the energy needed for your hectic day.

    Congratulations on your weight loss of 5lb in 5 days!

    Kindest Regards,


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