Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hanky Panky

I'm sure I have mentioned Hanky Panky underwear on my blog before, but really feel that they deserve dedicated post as they are the best knickers in the whole world. Fact. If you are not familiar with the little lacy beauties, they are an American brand of stretchy lace boyshorts and thongs, which are sublimely comfortable, don't ride up and come in every colour imaginable. So, even when you are feeling tired and grumpy, you can rock out some hot pink pants under your tracksuit bottoms.

I wore the boyshorts every day of pregnancy, as they were the most comfortable knickers I could find, and, as they are so stretchy, I didn't need to buy new ones when my bottom got enormous (it really did, absolutely massive). 

No, not a picture of my enormous bottom!

Hanky Panky, thongs £18 (one size, really does fit all) and shorts £27 (S,M,L), available from Selfridges, Figleaves and Indian Summer, 624C Fulham Road.

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