Thursday, 6 September 2012

Good Hair Day

I've been going to the same wonderful hair salon for years, and love it. But, since having two children, my free time is so precious, that the 30 minute journey is proving too much. So, I've been investigating salons nearer to m house, and stumbled across an amazing one.

Soma, on the Fulham Road, is an Aveda concept salon. Regular readers will know that I adore Aveda products. I love the fact that they are naturally derived and plant based, but work incredibly well, and best of all, they smell divine. I'm yet to find an Aveda product that doesn't smell good enough to eat. Soma use Aveda colour and hair products, to give your tresses a real treat.

I had the lovely Giorgio doing my colour, and am thrilled with the results. I asked for a super, cool blonde look, and that is exactly what I got, a really fresh, bright head of highlights. On top of that, I had two incredible massages, one before the colour treatment, using a relaxing blend of Aveda oils, and a second as my hair was conditioned, which was nothing short of mind blowing. The gorgeous Rosie gave me a bouncy blow dry, which has stayed looking pristine for days afterwards.

All in all, I am a convert to Soma, and to Aveda colour, which seems to suit my fragile, over processed hair really well. I also love that the experience was relaxing (low lighting in the hair washing room and unlimited Aveda tea to sip), as opposed to those super noisy, frantic salons, that I always leave feeling more stressed than when I arrived! Best of all, the salon is child friendly. Fifi managed to find Rosie's velcro rollers and hairbrush, take them outside, break a lantern and pimp up the salon decor with some sparkly Peppa Pig stickers, without a single roll of the eye or clearing of the throat by anyone in salon. Instead everyone cooed and played with her (the Peppa Pig stickers were very popular!).

 Soma, 305 Fulham Road, SW10 9QH. 0207 352 8490. Check out their website for details and prices, or follow them on Twitter @SOMAsalon.

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  1. has soma closed down? if so is there another aveda salon nearby that you would recommend? thanks


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