Sunday, 2 September 2012


I have written several blog posts on my love of Apps for Fifi (click here if you missed them), and wanted to add another few to my ever growing list of favourites. I honestly believe the iPad has been such a fantastic learning tool for Fifi, who at 23 months can count to 18 (excuse the bragging, to be fair, she doesn't know what it means but knows she gets huge applause and copious Smarties every time she does it!), and can make every animal noise known to man (mooing loudly in public gets fewer Smarties), and I really think that both skills have come from her playing games on the iPad. So here are a few new favourites.

Count TV

Downloaded by Mr. G, who still finds the Count both scary and hilarious, this is brilliant for making counting fun and captivating active toddlers. It's very old school, but Fifi and Mr. G chuckle away while they play it. I have to be honest, the song for the number 5 is brilliant! 


An app created by PoppetUniverse, an inspiration children's art company, founded by two mothers, Fifi adores this. Mixing beautiful, hand painted pictures of everything from animals to princesses, with fun puzzles, and best of all, no irritating music, makes this app a great buy. The best bit is that the free version is advert free too, and has a good selection of puzzles to try out, unlike so many other free apps.  The company also donate 10% of profits to two children's charities, so you can buy and play with a clear conscience!

Fish School

Another great counting app,  from Duck Duck Moose, one of my favourite app design companies. This app combines counting fish, with learning colours, shapes and letters. The graphics are colourful and fun, and although there is some relatively irritating music and talking, Fifi adores counting the fish and has learnt a lot by playing this.

Count TV, £1.99 from the App Store

PoppetPuzzles, Free version or £1.99 for full version with 36 puzzles. From the App Store and Google Play

Fish School, £1.49 from the App Store

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  1. Thanks Alex, having just convinved my wife that an Ipad is essential for the welfare of our 3 month old baby daughter (thanks in part to your blogs) I will be sure to download these apps as Helena gets older. Graham T.


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