Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Green People

This week we've been trialling some gorgeous bath and body products for little ones. Green People's Organic Babies range is packed full if natural, organic ingredients to cleanse, soften and repair delicate skin. The lavender baby wash smells heavenly, and leaves my grubby kids softly scented and relaxed for bedtime. The soothing baby salve however is rapidly becoming a hero product.

Not only is it great for dry patches and sore spots on children, I have found so many uses for me. First up, it's a great lip balm and cuticle treatment, sinking in quickly, and leaving them soft. I've also recently developed some eczema (I think a result of me cutting out meat and dairy, without upping my seed and nut intake enough...but more on that another time), and this balm instantly relieved itching and tightness on the super dry patches. The body wash has also been great for washing my dry skin, with no chemicsls to irritate it. Finally, I have been using it as a cleansing balm, massaging it in to my skin, them using a hot cloth to remove it. It leaves skin so clean and fresh, I love it.

So, there you go, a fab range for kids and adults, look no further! 

Green People Organic Babies, available from greenpeople.co.uk. 

Lavender Baby Wash £7.25
Baby Save £9.95

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