Friday, 13 September 2013


This morning I received my first Nonabox. If you haven't heard of Nonabox, it's basically a box designed for mums, delivered to your door once a month full of goodies that have been picked for each month of your pregnancy, or your babies life. I received a 1 year old box for Arthur.

It contained lots of great things that I'd never heard of, like a really snugly lavender filled cushion from Cloud B, that Fifi quickly adopted and adores. A Gumigem, a strange looking chewing toy, has been the first teether that Arthur has actually chewed, and the WaterWipes are brilliant for sensitive skin as they are 99.9% water based. And the addition of a new offering from Ella's Kitchen, a favourite in our house, was perfect!

What really struck me, was just how brilliant this would be as a gift for a new mum or pregnant friend, especially for first babies. It's such a fun way to discover innovative and useful products.

Nonabox costs £25 per month, with the ability to send gift boxes. Check out for more information.


  1. The specially designed gift hampers, containing flowers, cakes, chocolates and other items are also immensely good to present.
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  2. I had a nightmare with nonabox!
    Too much done wrong to go into.
    Main issue was present took 6 weeks to arrive!!!!

    I've now signed up with a similar company called sassy bloom - - let's see if they can better them - i'm very confident based on what I've experienced so far..


  3. Hmm.. I suspect Anonymous might not be telling the truth.
    Another blogger gave a pretty bad review of a sample Sassy Bloom box, and one commenter recommended Nonabox. I'm guessing this is some counter-attack by Sassy Bloom?
    Sassy Bloom still hasn't actually launched, so I'm guessing Anon will be disappointed again ;)

  4. I have also had a bad experience with nonabox. Great first box, ok second box and awful third box. Lots of of cheap food, vitamins which go out of date before I could use them with no ingredients, repeat products and not personapised to age

    Facebook page full of complaints.


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